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To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow


To our customers and friends affected by Hurricane Harvey: 

You remain in our hearts and thoughts as we stand with you and all who have been impacted by the storm. With resilience, a new tomorrow begins today. 

Part of restoring our homes, communities and wildlife will be the renewal of gardens and landscapes. At a time when so much has been endured by so many, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you in returning beauty and joy to the outdoor spaces you love so much. 

Where to begin? 


Because of the disruption to habitat insects are on the move, and you may find ants and other crawlers invading your home. Apply 
Amdro Ant Bait to any mounds or signs of ants. Do not disturb or “stir up” the mound before application. Ants will be attracted to the bait and naturally carry it back to the nest. Bug Out can be broadcast on borders and lawns around the perimeter of your home to act as a barrier. If you prefer an organic solution, look for products that contain spinosad such as Natural Guard to be applied around the outside of your house. 


We have a plentiful supply of mosquito 
Dunks and Bits. If you’ve never tried them before, now is good time as they are not only effective but contain Biocide, a form of bacteria harmless to people and pets. Add them to puddles, ponding, bird baths and areas of standing water. The asian tiger mosquito needs only a bottle cap full of water to reproduce. Dunks and Bits will help contribute to mosquito control around your home in your neighborhood. 

Fertilizer and Mulch 

Flooding and standing water literally washes away the soil nutrients your lawn and landscape so desperately needs to survive. We recommend 
Milorganite, one of the oldest branded fertilizers on the market, composed of heat-dried microbes from waste water. It’s an all-purpose organic nitrogen fertilizer that can be used safely on lawns, flowers, edibles, shrubs and trees. It contains iron to green up your grass without staining and is a slow-release formula that’s environmentally friendly. After feeding, re-apply lost mulch around trees and shrubs. We offer a wide selection of mulch including pine bark, hardwood, cypress, and cedar.

Cleanup Checklist
  • Remove debris such as leaves and sticks before mold and disease have the opportunity to set in.
  • Rinse any mud from your plants and shrubs to help with respiration and transpiration.
  • Sanitize and disinfect your ornamental plants, grasses and trees with Consan 20 an indoor/outdoor product that kills pathogens on contact and is both water soluble and biodegradable.
  • Take a wait-and-see approach to tree pruning right now, trim damaged branches as needed.
  • Replace mulch that has been washed away as soon as you can.
  • Re-fertilize your lawn – Milorganite is recommended. Apply insecticides as needed.Amdro for ants, Dunks and Bits for mosquitos.


Birds and wildlife depend on your landscape for food and shelter. 

Everything you do now makes a difference.

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