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Celebrating the Joy of the Season

It’s the most magical time of the year as we bring the beauty of nature inside our homes to celebrate the holidays. Festive poinsettias in their shiny wrap, swags of fresh greenery on the mantle, a pinecone wreath at the front door greets holiday visitors.

And the grand Christmas tree, all decorated and twinkling, fills the room with light forest pine reminding us of Christmases past. As we observe the season from our family to yours, have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Has Arrived in the Greenhouse


Cyclamenfresh cut and flocked trees, a beautiful selection of poinsettias and more! At Houston Plants & Garden we have everything you need to deck the halls this season. Take a walk through our nursery for holiday inspiration, clever gift ideas and more.


Don’t Forget the Decorations!

We also have greenery, wreaths, indoor and outdoor decorations, ornaments and many other unique holiday items to choose from. 

Custom Tree Flocking with Flair


Salute your team colors, bring out the red-white-and blue or simply get creative with custom flocking! Check our Facebook page for clever flocking ideas and visit the store to see for yourself. Custom colors are available while supplies last. Also, Christmas tree delivery is available, ask our cashier for details.

How to Choose the Perfect Poinsettia
that Lasts and Lasts


  • Choose plants with large, dark green and healthy leaves.
  • Avoid plants with wilted leaves or missing leaves at the bottom.
  • Once home, don’t put poinsettias in hot, cold, or drafty places. Water when the plant feels dry to the touch. Don’t over water, poinsettias do not like wet feet.
  • No need to fertilize the plant while in bloom.
  • Enjoy your poinsettia through the holiday season!

How to Care for Your Fresh-Cut, Green Tree

  • Real trees need water just like a fresh bouquet of flowers.
  • Before you place the tree in the tree stand, make a quarter inch cut above the original cut so the tree can absorb water.
  • Fresh trees drink a lot of water! Check your tree daily and replenish as needed. Avoid letting your tree dry out.
  • Display your tree away from heat sources and the fireplace.
  • Buy a removal bag with your tree to minimize mess on the way out and recycle at the end of the season.


December in Your Garden

  • There’s still planting to do outside! It’s winter annual season. Plant pansies, flowering kale, dianthus, snapdragons, violas and johnny jump-ups in your beds or containers for beautiful color.
  • Plant bulbs now and wildflower seeds this month for a Spring show.
  • If you’ll be planting roses in January or February, clean up beds and prepare now with composted manure or pine bark mixed in to the existing soil.
  • Be ready to move tender plants or orange trees inside at the hint of frost or hard freeze.
  • It’s still a great time to plant trees and shrubs so they have plenty of time to get established before the heat returns.
  • Wait until late December or January to prune your fruit trees.



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