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Fall is here, a new season begins.

It’s time for pumpkins and mums and bright yellow flowers. Warm days and cool nights outside under the stars. The smell of pinon from a patio chimenea wisping through the air. It’s the season of gardening, family, friends, and giving thanks.

Welcome back Fall, we missed you

Time to refresh and renew

Your summer containers and flower beds are probably looking a little worn right now. It’s a good time to switch over seasonal annuals to bright fall colors. Our nursery is filled with a great selection of beautiful mums to choose from.

Come visit today for best selection. Plant in pots or in beds, they’ll last and last!

Fall is for planting

Right now is the best time you’ll ever have to plant trees and shrubs. Why now? Fall planting offers the longest time for roots to get established before the stress of summer temperatures set in. If you’ve been thinking of replacing or adding landscaping, come to Houston Plants and Garden World for our robust selection of trees and shrubs. We offer the largest selection of locally grown plants inside FM 1960 and that makes a real difference.

Save time and get root stimulator, soil amendments, hand tools and everything you need to plant, with one trip to our garden center!

Fertilize your lawn

A beautiful, healthy carpet of green grass showcases your home, reduces runoff and prevents soil erosion in the landscape. It’s time for an application of Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer for winter hardiness, disease resistance and vigorous growth next spring.

Stop by and ask one of our nursery professionals about selecting the product that’s perfect for your landscape.

We’re still getting a lot of questions about bugs

Because of disruption to habitat, insects may still be on the move. Apply Amdro Ant Bait to any mounds or signs of ants. Do not disturb or “stir up” the mound before application. Ants will be attracted to the bait and naturally carry it back to the nest. Bug Out can be broadcast on borders and lawns around the perimeter of your home as a barrier. For an organic solution, look for products that contain spinosad such as Natural Guard to be applied around the outside of your house.

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