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Fantastic Fall is Here

Fall in Houston is like a second Spring. It brings new life the Yard and Garden. Warm days and cool nights stimulate vigor and renewed life.

It’s time for pumpkins and mums and bright colored flowers. Fall is the season of gardening, family, friends, and giving thanks.

Fall is actually the best time of year to plant. Fall planting is highly recommended because as the top of the plant begins to go dormant, the root system continues to grow. Leaf function slows and stops as days grow shorter, even in evergreens.

The plant’s roots, however, can now “concentrate” on growing, rather that supporting the moisture and other needs of the top part of the plant. This allows the plant to establish and then flourish in the spring. Your planting will be vigorous and strong by the time summer’s heat returns to Houston. If you’ve been thinking of replacing or adding landscaping, come to Houston Plants and Garden World for our robust selection of trees and shrubs. We offer the largest selection of locally grown plants inside FM 1960 and that makes a real difference.

Time to refresh & renew

Your summer containers and flower beds are probably looking a little worn right now. It’s a good time to switch over seasonal annuals to bright fall colors.

Our nursery is filled with a great selection of beautiful mums to choose from. Come visit today for best selection. Plant in pots or in beds, they’ll last and last!

Fall is for planting!

Fertilize your lawn

A beautiful, healthy carpet of green grass showcases your home, reduces runoff and prevents soil erosion in the landscape. It’s time for an application of Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer for winter hardiness, disease resistance and vigorous growth next spring. Stop by and ask one of our nursery professionals about selecting the product that’s perfect for your landscape.

October Checklist

  • Plant trees and shrubs now for best results.
  • Change out summer annuals to fall colors that will last and last like mums, crotons, kale, marigolds, begonias.
  • Add petunias, snapdragons, dianthus and dusty miller to your flower beds. They will look great through the winter months.
  • Plant perennials now through December.
  • Prune any dead or diseased wood from trees and shrubs but wait to prune fruit trees until December or January.
  • Continue to fertilize hibiscus, bougainvillea, mandevilla and any tropical plants that have been outside all summer.
  • Watch for signs of brown patch fungus in St. Augustine lawns. Talk to one of our nursery professionals or send us a message on Facebook if you have any questions.
  • October is the most important lawn fertilizer application of the year. Apply Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer this month.
  • Apply insecticides as needed. Amdro for ants, Dunks and Bits for mosquitos.
  • Enjoy the change of season and this colorful time of the year!

Questions? We’re here to help.

Bring us your garden dreams, questions and problems.

Our expert staff has an average of 20 years of gardening experience. HPGW has the most experienced customer service staff in Houston. Visit our customer service staff or Facebook us your gardening concerns about insects, fertilizer, or plants, and we will help you succeed.

Let’s get growing!


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