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Happy Mothers’ Day

In May we celebrate our mothers for all that they have done,
all that they do, and the knowing that they will always be there with us.

Summer heat is just around the corner 

Time to get ready and the things to help. Adding mulch now to your flower beds and trees to hold in moisture and nutrients and keep grasses and weeds away. Houston Plants and Garden World offers a wide variety of mulch to choose from including pine bark, cedar cypress, hardwood, black, and red colored mulch.

Another great way to keep moisture where you want it and reduce the need to water this season is to add expanded shale to your flower beds. Expanded shale not only loosens tight clay soils but also absorbs water and slowly releases it over time, helping your plants stay hydrated and healthy in the Houston heat. So when changing out your annual color beds, or planting planters for around the patio or pool be sure to add expanded shale to your soil. Ask one of our nursery professionals how much expanded shale you’ll need for your garden.

What to do (and not do) for your lawn this month

Now’s the time to set your watering schedule for the season. If you haven’t done it already, grab a helper and test all of your irrigation zones for broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads.

Set your watering schedule for the early morning hours. To avoid destructive mold and disease, never water at night. For best results, water your lawn longer in each zone and do so every other day to encourage healthy root growth. Over time, you’ll use less water and get better results.

Plant now for gorgeous summer color! 

Right now, our nursery and garden center is overflowing with spectacular flowers, trees, shrubs and all of the supplies and accessories to make this summer your most beautiful garden ever!

Here are a few of our Summer favorites:

– Vincas
– Coleus
– Pentas

– Lantana
– Mexican Heather
– Day Lilies
– Katie Ruellia

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