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Hello Beautiful.

Summer arrives and gardens are filled with color!

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

– Russel Baker

A glorious Spring makes way for bold Summer colors. Your lawn and garden is the perfect backdrop for outdoor living and all the memories you’re sure to make this season. At Houston Plants & Garden World, we have just what you need to make this Summer your most beautiful garden yet!

YES it’s starting to get a little warmer and
now is the time to make a few simple changes
to your gardening routine.

For your lawn it’s time to start mowing less frequently as grass grows slower in the warmer months. Be sure to raise the deck height on your mower as taller grass can better withstand the heat and warmer temperatures. Water in the mornings to allow your grass to recharge before the heat of the day. If you need to feed your lawn, Milorganite is a good choice. It is a slow release fertilizer with additional nutrients to care for the health of your lawn.

Water plants and your lawn deeply and less often. This will encourage better root system development and prevent disease. Spring flowering shrubs like azaleas are developing buds for next season so make sure they get plenty of water. Stop by Houston Plants and Garden World for our complete line of watering aids such as hoses, water breakers, and sprinklers.

Prune or “dead head” roses and annual plants to encourage re-blooming. If you haven’t, consider replacing spring annuals with our Summer Lover Selection of Lantana, Vinca, Penta, and many other beautiful flowering heat tolerant plants.

A buckeye butterfly enjoying lantana.


Mulch is your garden’s best friend! Provide a good blanket of mulch in your plant borders, beds and around all plantings to prevent weeds and help reduce water loss to the root zone. We offer a wide variety of mulch in both bagged and bulk.

Don’t forget to feed! Fertilize your containers and vegetable beds with slow release fertilizers to help flower production and fruit development. Think of your plants as you would your pets – they both need regular feeding! Ask our staff for assistance choosing the best Nelsons Plant Food for your application needs. 

Pets and wildlife will thank you for helping them with extra water in warm weather. Change the water in your birdbath to keep it clean and disease free and fill it up – the birds love it! If you keep pets outside, make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and a cool, shady spot to get out of the sun.


Steps we recommend in June:

  • Move hibiscus away from full sun if plant starts to wilt, drop buds or sunburn.
  • Monitor water gardens as levels may drop due to evaporation.
  • Raise the lawnmower blade and cut higher for a healthier lawn.
  • Clean hummingbird feeders every 3-5 days.
  • Keep azaleas well watered – they’re setting next year’s flowers now!
  • Deep water plants to force roots to grow downward instead of sideways.
  • Watch trees for stress. Consider adding rich compost spread beneath the canopy as this has been known to produce dramatic results. Save your trees!
  • Take care of YOU. Stay hydrated, protect yourself from the sun and remember the best time to garden is in the morning or late in the day. Get out there and enjoy your beautiful lawn and garden!


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