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It’s Finally FALL

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.”

– Helen Hunt Jackson

Our expert staff has an average of 20 years of gardening experience with some of the best customer service skills in Houston. Visit our helpful staff or Facebook us your gardening concerns about insects, fertilizer, or plants, and we will help you succeed.

September 22nd marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It’s time to set out this season’s annuals and vegetables, create new containers, plant trees and shrubs. Most important, just be sure to get outside and enjoy your garden and the cooler days ahead.

Fall Flowers

It is time to start replacing the summer annuals with color for the Fall and Winter seasons. Pull up the old hazarded plants and clean up your follower beds. Add some compost to the soil to boost nutrients and help with water retention. Pick out new seasonal color plants and top off your beds with a dressing of mulch to prevent weeds and conserve water.

Vegetable Gardens

September is the best time and the last chance to get your fall vegetables heeled in. Clean up your beds and amend them with some fresh compost like or Landscapers Pride Composted Humus. It is also great to add Nelsons Vegetable Garden Fertilizer to your plants. If you do not have a plot of land to plant your vegetables, plant a pot instead. Container vegetable gardening is fun and fulfilling.

Planting Trees And Shrubs

September is a fabulous time of the year for planting trees and shrubs. By planting now, these plants will have an opportunity to get established while the temperatures are mild. In the spring they will thrive and burst into growth. They will have a great jumpstart on the heat of summer. Think like a tree – summer is nine months away.

Add a Root Stimulator as an extra plus for your success.

Garden Beds And Borders

Mulch and Mulch and More Mulch — We have a full lineup of Landscapers Pride Mulches and Soil Amendments. A nice thick mulch layer of at least 3 inches will protect your plants roots, help to prevent weeds, and conserve the soil moisture content. These benefits will really promote healthy and happy plants and save water use.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Good

September and October are excellent times to resod and repair lawns. You’ll need to water daily until the sod has established. Wait to plant annual rye grass seed until October or November if you want a green cover for your winter lawn. Don’t forget to prepare your grass for the fall season. Add Ironite and Milorganite to boost the health of your lawn. Want to learn more about renovate your lawn? Stop by and see our staff.

Birds and wildlife depend on your landscape for food and shelter. Everything you do now makes a difference.


We’re here to help. Bring us your garden challenges, dreams, and problems. Or just stop by and stroll through our nursery to add joy and beauty to your day.

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