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Take the Summer ON

With rows and rows
of bright and beautiful sun-loving COLOR

Did you know plants that are locally grown perform better in the Houston landscape?

Houston Plants & Garden World is your only source of plants grown on-site within the FM 1960 area. That means it’s never too late in the season to add stunning, colorful flowers and plants that are sure to last to your garden and patio containers. Right now our nursery is full of heat loving summer color that will thrive in August temperatures.

Visit Houston Plants & Garden World for a large selection of quality plants, pottery, garden tools and more. Conveniently located at 16726 North Freeway, open 7 days a week.


Plant now for instant color and Fall beauty: 

We recommend:

– Cora Vinca
– Hibiscus
– Salvia
– Mexican Heather
– Lantana
– Portulaca
– Milkweed
– Esperanza

Love your veggies?

Plant these vegetable seeds now to enjoy in the Fall. Good in containers or small spaces in the landscape.

Give it a try!

  • Beans
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Squash

Look Out for Our Tomato Crop!!!

The 3rd Week of the Month Is Time to PLANT

Fertilizer, bugs and your lawn 
Feed your hanging baskets and container pots regularly as watering washes away nutrients faster than in the landscape. Plants, like people and pets – need to be fed. Visit Houston Plants & Garden World today for a wide selection of lawn and garden fertilizers to make your plants healthy, happy and beautiful.

Keep an eye on your landscape this month and examine plants and trees for white flies, spider mites, tent caterpillars, web worms and aphids.

Chinch bugs can damage your St. Augustine grass. Look for dry, burned looking patches in the hottest parts of the lawn. Treat with insecticide before further damage.

Have questions about bugs? We have SOLUTIONS. Let us help.

Mow high, water low
Cut grass at the highest setting during the heat season. Water deeply and less often. A good indicator it’s time to water is when you can see your footprints in the grass.

Mulch is your friend 
Not only will mulch give a clean, even look to your landscape but it holds more moisture in the soil. When plants droop in the afternoon heat, they’re struggling to stay hydrated. Another great way to help is to add expanded shale to loosen the soil and absorb water for slow release. Your plants will reward you for the help.

What we recommend in August:

  • If you haven’t already, make sure your large, leafy plants such as coleus and caladiums are getting shade and plenty of water during sunny, hot periods.
  • Keep an eye on your trees for insects and watering needs.
  • Refresh your pots and containers with heat loving colorful plants that will look great in to the Fall.
  • Water your plants and lawn when needed and DEEP soak less often, rather than sprinkle regularly.
  • Feed ALL of your landscape with good fertilizer.
  • Protect pets and help wildlife with extra water and a shady spot from the heat.
  • Take advantage of the cooler times of the day and enjoy your Summer garden as often as you can.

Let’s get growing!

Visit Houston Plants & Garden World about insects, fertilizer, or plants. We’re here to help!

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