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Care and Maintenance

Enjoy a lush, beautiful lawn with our quality sod. Whether you need to sod your entire lawn or just touch up a few areas, our sod is perfect for any project! The first key step in any grass/sod project is soil preparation. Properly grading and testing the soil will help identify any needed soil amendments. It can also be helpful to pre-treat for any weeds before seeding or laying sod. Our knowledgeable staff members are always available to help you select the right sod and additives from our wide product selection.


What are some of the benefits of choosing sod over seed? There’s no need to wait for a full lawn of rich, green grass. Sod is quickly laid, eliminating the need to endure a muddy mess or lay straw. Simply prepare and treat soil as needed, lay sod and water as needed while it takes root. Sod is ready to be walked on as soon as it is laid, and takes root in half the time that seed does, typically around 14 days. Our staff are happy to assist with any of your lawn care needs.


Our Grass is $1.19 per piece or $160.00 per pallet. It is available to pre-order, please allow 2 days for store delivery, depending on the weather. All grass /sod is pick up only.

Lawn Calendar


Stop summer weeds: Don’t let annual weeds ruin the look of your lawn. Spread a pre-emergence herbicide to stop them before they sprout. Apply the pre-emergence product from mid-February to early March for best results.

Begin mowing: Start mowing your lawn as it begins to grow in mid- to late spring.

Don’t let thatch build up: Thatch is a layer of old, dead grass stems that builds up on lawns. It prevents air, water, and nutrients from getting to your lawn’s root system. Remove thatch before the grass starts growing in summer.


Fertilize your lawn: Warm-season lawns get hungry in the summer. Start feeding your grass as the weather warms up in late April or early May. Feed according to the instructions throughout the summer.

Get rid of grubs: If grubs have been a problem in your area, use a long-acting grub killer to stop. Apply this in early to late May.

Start a new lawn: Sod , start lawns in the summer. Remember that the warm-season grasses that thrive in the South need plenty of water as they get established; never allow a new lawn to dry out.

Keep mowing: You’re going to need to mow regularly in summer. Avoid removing more than a third of the leaf’s total blade length at one time. Removing more can stress your lawn.

Aerate hard soil: Summer is also the time to loosen hard, compacted soil with an aerator. This allows air, moisture, and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots more easily.

Water as needed: Most lawns need regular watering during the summer to keep them green. On average, provide about 1 inch of water per week.


Overseed with annual ryegrass: Southern grass goes dormant and turns brown in the winter months, so you can overseed it with annual ryegrass. The ryegrass grows and stays green during the cooler months, then dies out once it gets hot — just as your lawn starts turning green again.

Prevent winter weeds: Stop pesky winter weeds just like you did summer species: Use a pre-emergence herbicide from mid-October to mid-November.

Finish up mowing: Keep mowing your lawn as it slows down during the season. Don’t let it get too long as it goes dormant.

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